Connecting Methods of Calorized Lance Pipes

Calorized Lance Pipe

Calorized Lance Pipe is an essential tool for high temperature metal melting procedure. This enables the customers to have their preference for the couplings on the pipes as per their requirement. Therefore, today we shall be discussing about the different connection methods for Calorized Lances.

Difference between MS pipe, Ceramic Coated Lance pipe & Calorized Lance Pipe

In this piece of information, we shall discuss about our different lances and their comparison with one another. It is evident that the end users of lance pipes have other options for using the steel pipes to improve the proficiency considering the applications for the lance pipes.
This is why, today, we shall be discussing about the three types of lancing pipes that are used in the refining and steel melting industries namely, Mild Steel Pipes, Ceramic Coated Lance Pipes and Calorized Lance Pipes and how they are different from each other.

Guide to Greenhouse Structural Elements

Agriculture is an essential element in the rise of human being which is also an important factor in today’s world and therefore good technology to produce organic food is increasing day by day with time. This will require better greenhouses therefore the structure and materials for building the greenhouses should also play a vital role.
Today we shall be discussing about greenhouses’ history and some general materials to construct the greenhouses.

Use of Renewable Energy in Steel Manufacturing

We already know that steel is manufactured from liquid iron from Blast Furnace. The heat from the BF’s stove area melts the metal by transforming pushed air into hot air. Whereas steel is manufactured from scrap in an Electric Arc Furnace. In general, EAFs generate heat using two separate types of Electrical Currents. These are the primary knowledge of the steel manufacturing process.
But today we shall be discussing about an important topic which is quite a point in the Steel World. It is the use of Renewable Energy in Steel manufacturing.

Safety and Effectiveness of Thermic Lance

Thermal Lances are used by many customers throughout the world. Many of them contemplates the safety and success of using Thermic Lance. It is usually used in steel mills, or construction sites as its small size and proven capability to cut solid and large pieces of steel scraps by generating a high temperature of up to 3,000oC ~ 4,000oC.
Therefore, today we are going to discuss about the steps to be followed for using Thermic Lances safely and effectively.

Decarbonized and Economical Solution for Steel Production

As the steel production utilizes a lot of fossil fuels, there are also some decarbonization alternatives on the horizon. Almost 6-7% of the greenhouse gas emissions are accounted for the steel industries for emitting CO2. This is the reason, nowadays, the global power system has reached to that level where decarbonization has been achieved in Steelmaking.
Also because of the increasing proportion of steel scraps and carbon dioxide emissions, several countries are switching to EAF for steel manufacturing.
Amongst the many consumable products in steel production, steel pipe is one of them. Mostly, steel mills in their smelting and refining process uses Mild Steel Pipes to manufacture steel. Nevertheless, due to the raise of EAF, alternatives are also put into consideration for better functioning and cleaner world.
Today, we shall discuss more about it in this article.

Benefits of Thermic Lances in EAF

Daiwa Anaya Steel

Decarbonization is improving the environment in a positive way by transforming the global economy. Previously, the steel production was generally carried out in the Blast Furnaces but now Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) can be used in a different and more environment friendly way by using a metallurgical furnace which uses steel scraps as raw materials for generating steel rather than iron ores.
Therefore, today we shall be going to discuss about the benefits of Thermic Lance in EAF. Here, we will also see how EAF works to maximize operational systems and understand which type of Thermic Lance is applied for which situation.

Use of Thermic Lances in Blast Furnace of the Steel Mills

Generally, Thermic Lances are used extensively in the construction sites and steel mills due to its proven capacity and small sizes to cut large steel scrap materials.

However, powerful cutting is not the only feature of the product, it can also be utilized for several other purposes like in Blast Furnace steel mills.

Today, in this article we shall be exploring numerous circumstances where we can utilize this multi-purpose oxygen lance pipe.

Thermic Lance – an optimum solution for cutting large scrap materials

Thermic Lance

According to the World Steel Association’s Statistical Report, global demand for steel will increase by 2.2% in 2022. This signifies that the steel manufacturers must enhance their steel manufacturing process to get closer to the fast growth of steel demand all over the world. This has also increased the demand for scrap recycling in current years.

Although, large scrap recycling is one of the time consuming and cost ineffective step in the steel manufacturing process for taking into consideration.

This is why today we shall discuss about how Thermic Lance is effective for cutting Large Scrap Materials and help in daily steel production in the long run.