Calorized Lance Pipe

Calorized Lance Pipe

It is a Daiwa Make ERW Lance Pipe with a calorized layer, which is done through the process of diffusion and refractory coating. It lasts 8 to 10 times longer than mild steel lance pipes. Both the calorized and the refractory coating layers together generate a strong heat resistance and anti-oxidation shield to achieve minimum consumption of lance pipe which cuts down the lancing cost. It enables the pipe to withstand upto a temperature of 2050°C and thus pipe consumption is rather less and one can save up to 40 to 45% on their annual purchase.


1)  Injection of Carbon, Lime Powder and other additives for adjusting grades of Carbon Steel or

Special Steel and Refining Steel at EAF by blowing Oxygen.

2)  Removing Slag inside Oxygen Converter.

3)  Other uses which require strong resistance against Heat, Oxidation, Sulfuration, Vanadium attack, etc.

(It can withstand a heat temperature of upto 2050°C.)

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