Ceramic Coated Lance Pipe:
Ceramic coated lance pipe is an alternative lance pipe made from MS pipe with ceramic coating. This product doesn’t have calorized layers so it life’s time is less than calorized lance pipe but longer than MS pipe. The price of ceramic coated lance pipe is somewhere middle, higher than MS pipe but lower than calorized lance pipe.

Some of the Various Uses of Daiwa Ceramic Coated Lance Pipes are as follows:

  • Cutting Scrap, Raising Bath Temperature & Decarburizing.
  • Opening nozzles in Tundish and Ladles
  • Injection Carbon and Other Powders in Electric Arc Furnace and Ladle
  • Opening the iron notch of Blast Furnace
  • Injection Argon into Ladles
  • Injection Aron and Oxygen into A.O.D Furnaces
  • Injection Flux for Degassing in Aluminium Melting Furnaces
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