Calorized Lance Pipe

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Introduction – Daiwa’s Calorized Lance Pipe

Source: Daiwa Lance International.

Daiwa is a manufacturing company with a specialty in the Calorized Lance Pipe. The Calorized Lance Pipes are used in the injection of oxygen/carbon in the steel-making process.

Calorization is the diffusion of aluminum into mild steel and this aluminum diffused layer on the surface of the steel is called the Calorized Layer.

Principle of Calorized Lance Pipe

Daiwa is in the making of Calorized Lance Pipe since 1955 and selling their product worldwide.
When the lance pipe is exposed to high temperature, a heat resistance aluminum oxide(alumina) film is formed over the surface which protects the pipe against severe oxidation.
The image below refers to the process for better understanding:


The Lance Pipe has a calorized layer inside and outside of the pipe to protect it from high heat and oxidation.

The image below shows the calorized layer inside and outside of the pipe:

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