High Chrome Lance Pipe

An effective Lance Pipe developed for smelting industry basically used for Material Injection in smelting process. The composition of the pipe consists of Chrome, which makes it anti-corrosive and thus, gives it a longer life in comparison. It is produced through the process of Centrifugal Casting and is available in various diameters.

It is widely used in companies like LS Nikko, Mitsubishi and many other smelting plants globally.

This product is tested and trusted for its cost effectiveness, efficiency, longer life and for the property of high-corrosion resistance and sets a huge benchmark for lancing in smelting plants.


Size Ranges
Minimum ID      :   60 mm to 1500 mm,
Minimum OD    :   70 mm
Wall Thickness  :   5 to 60 mm with Standard Length of 3 Meter.
Length can be increased according to customers’ requirements.



  • High Corrosion Resistance
  • Longer Life
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Lower Down Times
  • Cost Effective