Thermic Lance ( Burning Bar)

This pipe contains steel wire that promotes combustion. It is used for cutting and boring large iron castings, stainless steels, brass, non-ferrous metal, concrete, ceramic, natural stone, etc. at a temperature of more than 3000°C. without noise and vibration. The tubing filled with steel wires generates powerful flame when burning, and helps materials cut and drilled quickly, and as a result, increases productivity and efficiency. Always buy thermic and oxygen lancing pipe from reliable supplier who have good reputation and experience in their market because those type of supplier give you robust and high quality pipes at unbeatable price.

There are 2 types of Thermal Lance Pipes :


Our unique assortment of wires and inner tube produce a concentrated flame of high speed. This powerful straight flame splashes materials and make hole, break up quickly. Melt of steel, iron and the other metals is the most suitable application of TYPE-T


Though the flame expands wider than TYPE-T, however, the flame temperature is higher due to heat generated from wires fully packed in the outer tube.

The most suitable application of TYPE-W is dissolution of materials which have high melting points such as concrete, natural stone, refractory materials, etc.


1)  Used for tap hole opening and ladle cleaning, scrap and slag cutting.

2) Opening iron notch of furnace.

3) Removing metal and slag stuck to mixer car, cleaning ladle sliding nozzle and tundish nozzle in continuous casting equipment.

4) Cutting blast furnace tuyere and cooling box, removing pig iron and steel containing slag.

5) Removing cracked portion from ingot case and slag plan, cutting and drilling firebricks.

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